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videoWe’re glad you stopped off here – there is an important and possibly unexpected aspect of buying a video display we think you should know about. You can buy a screen from a lot of retailers, and just about every TV manufacturer makes televisions that can deliver a great picture – once the set is properly calibrated.

Most TV sets are sold through the big retail chains where manufacturers have to directly compete with each other to get your attention. Many years ago, it was discovered that the TV with the brightest picture on the sales floor sold the most. It grabs your attention in a visually noisy environment. As a result, all manufacturers intentionally set all of their TV’s to what Joel Silver from ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) calls “Torch Mode.” This means they turn the color, brightness and contrast to maximum, all in order to grab your attention on a showroom floor. That has nothing to do with your viewing comfort at home! As a result, your uncalibrated TV is pumping out too much energy, shortening it’s life span, delivering inaccurate colors, and often giving you a headache after several hours of watching.

video1Proper calibration corrects these problems. In fact, calibration optimizes your television’s ability to deliver accurately depicted images, greatly enhancing your viewing experience. Perhaps the best way to see the difference is to visit our showroom and see the difference for yourself. This is a case where seeing is definitely believing!

Overall, the video industry is evolving rapidly, especially in the area of high-end television technologies. Naturally, we work hard to keep abreast of the changes, and to identify the best values in the field. Therefore, you may very well see us recommend different brands at different times, always based on performance for value. We currently carry Toshiba , Samsung , and Marantz for our television monitors. We especially recommend Marantz for a front projection system, with a Stewart projection screen.

ISF Calibration

You can buy a screen from a lot of retailers, and just about every TV manufacturer makes televisions that can deliver a great picture – once the set is properly calibrated …


We have all Receivers, DVD and CD players on display. The PM7000, 12s2 as well as the 50” plasma television is on display.



Tom’s Take:

Regarding front projection televisions and screens, Stewart makes the best screens, period. It’s true that they are expensive, and not always a retail store’s favorite to sell since the profit margin is low. But, if you are serious about your home theater, stick to a Stewart Screen.

Marantz has had the best value DLP projectors on the market for the last five years. We always have one on display, and if you stop by, I will play for you the one DVD every store hopes you don’t bring in. It shows everything wrong with all front projection systems. The Marantz VP-12S3 DLP front projector really shines on this very tough DVD.

We use Colorfacts software and the Greytag MacBeth spectral radiometer for our video calibrations to correctly sets the color temperature of all television displays, including Plasmas, LCD’s, as well as DLP front and rear projectors. Please give us a call and we can quote you a price on calibrating your particular television.