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Your Ticket to Home Theater

Actually you don’t even need a ticket. Just stop by and have a seat in our custom designed Lifestyles Theater by Acoustic Innovations to preview some of the latest movies on DVD. View Photos of Our Theater

Acoustic Innovations theaters are acoustically engineered to improve audio performance while maintaining a stylized cosmetic package. Our present demonstration theater includes Revel F-50 speakers and a B-15 sub-woofer, along with Theta components and a Marantz VP-12S3 DLP Projector displaying on a Stewart Screen.

Home Theater – Just Like Being At the Movies !

Although your attention is on the screen, the secret is in the sound. Sound stirs the emotions in all forms of entertainment. Movie theaters use a combination of high resolution film, multiple speakers (positioned to help recreate time and dimension relationships with the action on screen), and specially encoded sound tracks that make movement on the screen coincide with the sound you hear. We can help you to create that same “theater experience” right in your living or media room.

Come in and talk with Tom to find out all you need about planning a home theater. He will tell you about placement of seats for best picture and sound, proper screen size for your room, and the optimum placement of speakers. The seats themselves are a very important part of the equipment.

Choosing the Components For Your Home Theater

First of course, you need a video display. Any size will work, but obviously the larger and better quality the screen, the more theater-like the experience. You need to choose a DVD player with picture quality matched to your television.

It is important to choose your speakers before you focus on the power components. Think of the main front speakers in the same way you would for a stereo system. Better front speakers will reproduce a more lifelike experience. The most important speaker is the center channel speaker. This speaker plays most of the audio in a surround sound set up and is normally positioned directly above or below the screen. It accounts for a major portion of what you hear on the sound track.

The last necessary components are the rear channel speakers. These speakers add the third dimension to the sound that lets you experience the effect of jets flying overhead, or the roar of the crowd in a stadium. These speakers are typically small and are placed towards the rear of the room, or they can be mounted in, or on walls to blend in with your rooms d├ęcor.

Though a system is considered complete without one, your home theater system can be improved greatly with the addition of a powered subwoofer. The job of this specialized speaker is to reproduce the very low bass sounds that are a big part of most of today’s movie soundtracks, such as the resounding thump of a dinosaur’s foot as it hits the ground, or the blast of cannons in a raging battle scene.

With the speakers selected, your consultant can help you select a surround-sound receiver that has enough power and the proper characteristics to drive your speakers correctly.

More Than Just an Entertainment Center

Home theaters are not just for movies! They make great family rooms where your kids can practice their musical instruments, recite a presentation due in school, or have video game tournaments on those cold, rainy days. You will also have a comfortable place to enjoy a book, have a business meeting, or a get together with friends for a night of karaoke.

After all choices have been made, you can be assured that the Advanced Audio professionals will start the installation process.

Acoustic Innovations

Acoustic Innovations has always been focused on blending the science of acoustics and the art of aesthetics to transform any space in your home into a theater.

Stewart Screens

Once you have decided you want a home cinema, ask yourself, “What is it I really want?” A great picture? Incredible sound system? A place in my home that literally recreates the experience of a movie theatre?


Theta products have been recognized as benchmarks by the audio and video magazines and are used extensively by most of the makers of the world’s finest loudspeakers manufacturers.