Advanced Audio

Home Automation


With today’s technology, we have an automation solution for almost every aspect of monitoring and running your home’s environment. Of course we handle sound and video, but we can control lighting, curtains, tie in security systems, pool filters, irrigation systems and more.

Tying Your Home Together

Perhaps the best aspect of intelligent automation is the ability to integrate different areas together. Of course we can put your house lighting on adjustable timers, but we can also integrate it with your sound system and thermostat so that temperature adjusts, lights come on and relaxing music is playing when you arrive home from a long day at work. When you want to watch a movie, or change to “party mode”, you are in control. A push of a button will turn the lights down, activate the home entertainment equipment, and even close the curtains for you! All this can be done from one user-friendly remote control, which can replace all those other remotes that keep getting lost under the seat cushions.

Home Automation Means Accessibility and Flexibility

We are very experienced at designing and installing multi-zone, multi-source sound and video systems. This solution allows you to listen to music downstairs while the kids are listening to their music upstairs, or for the two generations to watch separate movies or cable stations, all playing through the same whole-house system. With this kind of solution, you can benefit from in-wall speakers that don’t disturb a bedroom or kitchen’s d├ęcor, while maintaining a high quality of sound, not to mention controlled lighting. Your smaller screen in the kitchen can display who is at the front door via a security camera, as well as a movie or your favorite TV show, all available on a single remote control or wall unit.

For lighting and other environmental automation controls, we are a premier distributor for Vantage Controls. To find out more about what is possible in home automation, please contact us. You can also visit the Vantage website

For all of our home automation projects, we can handle everything from design and custom installation of the wiring and components, to making sure that you understand in detail how your home automation system works.


Vantage is the recognized leader in the control and automation of dimmable lighting, theatres, thermostats, and more.


Niles products offer their customers innovative solutions for whole-house distribution and integration of audio/video systems while providing quality, convenience, control, and value.

Custom Installation

Whether you are building a new house, remodeling, or adding a system to your current home, you’ll be amazed at just how easy and affordable the whole selection and installation process can be.