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Well, as the old saying goes, it all starts at the source. To get the soul-moving sound you want from those award-winning speakers, you must have components that can deliver clean, low distortion power to them. Appropriate marriage of components and speakers is key.

There’s good news here: Since 2001, the trade-offs between power, distortion, sound dynamics, and bass response in amplifiers and receivers with amplifiers have improved dramatically. That makes it easier to choose the power you need to run your speakers without having to worry about signal distortion.

At Advanced Audio, we recommend and sell Marantz components for most sound systems. In the case of higher-end home theater systems, we sometimes recommend Theta and Niles components. If the quality of your power is problematic, we offer Richard Grey Power devices for power conditioning.


Theta products have been recognized as benchmarks by the audio and video magazines and are used extensively by most of the makers of the world’s finest loudspeakers manufacturers. More Information…


We have all Receivers, DVD and CD players on display. The PM7000, 12s2 as well as the 50” plasma television is on display.


Inside their gray boxes you will find parts you otherwise would see only in very expensive equipment. They put their focus on the inside where it counts, and you can hear the results.


Niles’ company mission is to be the world’s leading supplier of products that offer their customers innovative solutions for whole-house distribution and integration of audio/video systems while providing unparalleled quality, convenience, control, and value.

Richard Gray Power

Conventional wisdom has long been that power line conditioners can often do more harm than good when you plug in power hungry components like power amplifiers, surround sound receivers and sub woofers.


Tom’s Take:

If your signal source is a high distortion component, you can’t fix it with the other components in the system. I believe that the amplifier affects the output quality of your system more than any other component. On one side, it has the job of cleanly amplifying the audio signal. On the other side, it has to react to the speakers it is connected to.

The old wisdom was that low power amplifiers offered less distortion, but also less dynamics and bass response. High power amps could deliver the dynamics and bass, but at the cost of higher distortion. Now the bar has been raised. You can focus on quality and quantity.

I have represented Marantz for over 10 years, and since 1996 they have been in my opinion the best mass-market brand sold in the US. I have had fun with several Parade of Home demonstration projects. It is always interesting to see the expression on the faces of audio and videophiles when we open the “Technology Closet” and show them a Marantz receiver driving the system.

Whether you are building a stereo, surround-sound or whole-house system, my advice is to come in and choose your speakers first. That will tell me how much power and what type of amplifier you need to drive your speakers correctly. It’s also important to plan carefully where you place your components relative to your speakers, and to select appropriate wiring to carry a strong, undistorted signal to your speakers.