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Whether you have a boom box or a top-shelf component system, a 12″ monitor or a video projection theater system, bookshelf speakers or towers, your rig depends on cables and interconnects – wires and connectors – for hook-up. Even though the wiring that connects your system together, often isn’t seen, the quality of your sound and video depends on it.

If you have been around component systems for a while, you know the challenge. Wires add unwanted noise. The more wires, the longer the wires, the bigger the problem. The materials they are made from and the shielding are crucial.

So it makes basic sense to get the best cables and interconnects that you possibly can. We have found Kimber Kable products to be a top value. We also integrate Vampire and Tributaries connectors in certain applications.

Kimber Cable

In 1979 Ray Kimber introduced Kimber Kable 4PR loudspeaker cable to the world. Kimber Kable is an evolving realization of new discoveries and the expression of superior ideals.


High Performance Audio and Video Interconnect Cable Designs Based in Science.


Tom’s Take:

A leader in the cable and interconnect industry for over two decades, Kimber Kable relies on sound engineering principles and strict testing to design and manufacture their cables and interconnects. We have found that the staff of Kimber Kable stands behind their products, is dedicated and a joy to work with. They have developed a product line that ranges from economy to top-shelf, and in our opinion is overall second to none.